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Hospitaly & Health Care

In the Hospitality & Healthcare sectors, Schönbach's products, including indoor air quality monitors and smart lighting solutions, integrate seamlessly to enhance patient care environments. Our innovative technologies ensure optimal comfort, safety, and efficiency, supporting healthcare facilities in maintaining superior air quality and creating welcoming, healing spaces that prioritize patient well-being and operational excellence.


In office environments, Schönbach's range of products, such as smart lighting solutions and IoT sensors, optimize workspace functionality and energy efficiency. Our solutions foster a productive atmosphere by adjusting lighting based on occupancy and enhancing environmental monitoring through advanced sensor technology. This not only improves employee comfort and well-being but also reduces operational costs, making Schönbach a valuable partner in modern office settings striving for sustainability and performance.


In retail settings, Schönbach's products offer enhanced customer experiences and operational efficiency. Our smart lighting solutions create inviting atmospheres that highlight merchandise, while IoT sensors optimize store layouts based on foot traffic and customer behavior insights. This integration of technology improves energy management and enhances retail environments, ensuring a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality that drives sales and customer satisfaction.


In residential settings, Schönbach enhances living spaces with advanced technologies like digital canvas showers and safety grab handles. Our solutions prioritize comfort, convenience, and safety, providing homeowners with innovative options for modern living. From energy-efficient lighting to smart home integration with IoT sensors, Schönbach ensures homes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and sustainable, meeting the diverse needs of residents for a better quality of life.