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DC Smart Home & Spaces

Introducing X-PoE, the advanced PoE solution for DC lighting hubs. This IoT device delivers efficient power and data transmission, revolutionizing smart lighting systems with seamless integration and enhanced performance. Upgrade to X-PoE for smarter, greener lighting.

IoT Sensors & Gateways

Enhance your smart solutions with our IoT Sensors. These advanced sensors offer real-time monitoring and data collection for various applications. Ideal for homes and businesses, they ensure seamless integration, improved efficiency, and reliable performance in your IoT ecosystem.

IAQ Monitor

Introducing Schonbach's Indoor Air Quality Monitor: a cutting-edge device ensuring healthy environments. It detects pollutants, monitors air quality metrics, and integrates seamlessly with smart home systems, providing real-time insights for a safer and healthier indoor space.

Central Vaccum Cleaning

Experience the power and convenience of our Central Vacuum Cleaning system, designed for powerful, efficient, and convenient home cleaning. This advanced system offers superior suction, quieter operation, and easy maintenance. Enjoy a cleaner, healthier home with our innovative central vacuum solution.

Garbage & Linen Chutes

Our Garbage & Linen Chutes offer efficient and organized waste management. Designed for convenience and hygiene, these chutes streamline disposal, ensuring a cleaner and more orderly environment. Ideal for residential and commercial buildings, they simplify maintenance effortlessly.

Interior Push Pull Locks

Enhance security and style with our Interior Push & Pull Lock. Designed for modern aesthetics and functionality, these locks provide seamless access control. Ideal for residential and commercial spaces, they ensure both safety and sophisticated design integration.

Digial Canvas Shower

Transform your shower experience with our Digital Canvas Shower. This innovative system combines sleek design with customizable digital displays, creating a luxurious and immersive bathing experience. Enjoy personalized settings and enhanced relaxation with every shower.

Digital Electric Towel Warmers

Experience luxury with our Digital Electric Towel Warmers. Enjoy warm, dry towels at any time with precise digital controls. Ideal for bathrooms and spas, they add comfort and elegance to your daily routine. Upgrade your space with this stylish, functional solution.

Hand, Hair & Body Dryers

Upgrade your hygiene routine with our Hand, Hair & Body Dryers. These powerful, efficient dryers ensure quick drying for hands, hair, and body. Perfect for homes, gyms, and spas, they offer convenience, energy efficiency, and a touch of luxury.