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Garbage Chute Collection System

ME Universal Engineering offers a comprehensive range of recycling solutions such as Trash Chutes, Interlocking Garbage Chute System, Segregated Garbage Chute System, and much more are designed to meet the needs of the modern-day.

In large buildings, it is not practical for residents or housekeeping to move large quantities of garbage from floor to floor on elevators and stairways. This is why you need a Centralised Garbage Chute Collection system in your building so that the garbage disposal procedure can be made easy for everyone.

The Garbage Chute System provides an easy and convenient method of garbage chute collection in multi-storied buildings. Having a Garbage Chute Collection System in India is the best way to consolidate garbage from around the building into a single location for easier collection.

With extensive research and development from our team of experts, ME Universal Engineering has succeeded in producing a wide range of high-quality Interlocking Garbage Chute System in Dubai(Middle East), India(Asia) that will make the garbage disposal process much easier for the multi-floor buildings. As a leading Garbage Chute Manufacturer in India, we provide a wide range of Garbage Chute System for both residential and commercial buildings, a few of them are:

  • Interlocking Garbage Chute System
  • Segregated Garbage Chute System
  • Standard Garbage Chute System
  • Smart Garbage Chute System
  • Segregated Garbage Chute
  • Debris Chute
  • Linen Chute
Centralised Laundry Collection

Uses of Garbage Chute Collection System in Various Industries

  • Trash Chutes in Dubai for garbage disposal in large buildings.
  • Linen Chute for Hotels & Hospitals.
  • Debris Chute in India for Construction Site.
  • Underground Waste Collection System for Public Waste.
  • Segregated Garbage Chute makes junk removal safe and hygienic in commercial apartments etc.

Benefits of Garbage Chute Collection System

  • Garbage from all the floors gets collected at single point through our Smart Garbage Chute System. .
  • Garbage could be disposed at any time and multiple times in a day.
  • Allows segregation of garbage into Dry and Wet
  • Segregated Garbage Chute in Dubai reduces Power Consumption.
  • Manpower cost is saved
  • Interlocking Garbage Chute System makes garbage disposal safe and hygienic
Centralised Laundry Collection

Garbage Chute Collection System can be Installed In

  • Residential, Commercial Buildings and Malls
  • In any duct, common lobbies, landings, staircase, mid-landings, utility ducts, dry balconies and kitchens.
  • In on floor level, Intake hoppers shall be at every floor level.
  • If at Mid Landing, Intake Hopper shall be alternate floor level.
  • It makes garbage disposal safe and hygienic

Salient Features About Garbage Chute Collection System

  • Manufactured and Installed as per BS 1703:2005, NFPA 82
  • Weather Proof Stainless Steel Construction
  • Brush Cleaning System for Garbage Chutes
  • Cleaning Operation by Control Panel in Garbage Room
  • Disinfectants can be sprayed
  • Odor Control System for Garbage Chutes
  • Exhaust System to give minimum 20-40 air changes/hr.
  • Intake Hoppers are 90minute fire rated as per UL Label 10B
  • Auto Closing Intake Hoppers
  • Discharge end fire door.
Centralised Laundry Collection

As a leading building & Commercial Trash Chutes Manufacturer in Asia and the Middle East, we always provide top-class & premium quality Garbage Chute Collection System for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Our Trash Chutes in Dubai have a wide range of modern features that will bring so much convenience and comfort to your life.

Centralised Garbage Chute Collection system includes fire safety features like an auto-closing door at bottom of the chute, fire sprinklers, and a fire-rated intake door. You don’t have to clean the Garbage Chute System as it can clean itself, Brush Cleaning System for Garbage Chutes is designed to clean the internal cylindrical surface of the garbage chute. This is done periodically to maintain hygiene in the chute.

Odor Control System for Garbage Chutes works 24/7 so that it can be remained clean and deodorized. An Air went with an exhaust fan dispels gases from the chute and keep it odor free. It is manufactured from Stainless steel SS 430/SS/304-grade having a thickness of 1.2/1.5/2mm depending upon the diameter of chute. Use of Plastic/ Fibre chutes possess the risk of fire hazard hence not allowed as per BS/NFPA codes. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant hence gives maximum durability.

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