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Chief Executive Message

Ready, Set and Go is what one has been on the toes since the pandemic started to subside globally , everyone just wants to go back to the normal life routine. It wont be easy and it wont be the same is what we have assessed as things have changed the way we live, work and travel. Every industry and sector has been forced to adopt technology into their system which definitely proves that we are in the age of Industrial revolution, but for good.

For companies like us who are into the innovation space of building and home technologies , it couldn’t have better time for us to explore and evolve as a company and dream bigger than our vision. We have been working to develop new solutions to cater to the IoT segment of the market which we believe will cross $20 billion in next 5 years, and will be the trend for the next decade or more.

In 2021 we have launched the Region’s very first IoT Experience Centre, PER SQM, in Dubai which covers everything related to Energy & Lighting Management, Water Saving, Indoor Air Quality, Cleaning Solutions, Waste Management and Wellness. The concept intend to open in 25 countries in MENA region, will offer bespoke solutions in a live experience for Architects, Consultants, Developers, Integrators and Contractors to know about the new and upcoming technologies which can be integrated into their Projects. ME Universal will be launching PER SFT experience centre in India, by end of 2021, and aims to open 250+ outlets across South East Asia by 2023.

We have also expanded our manufacturing facility and have tied up with our Affiliated companies to further increase the assembly lines to fulfil our demands from various markets. Furthermore investments have been made to enter emerging markets such as North & West Africa, East Europe and Central Asia.

We once again thank you for your continuous support throughout and having belief in us.

November 1st, 2021

Irfan Ahmed
Chief Executive

Investments & Marketing