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Garbage Chute System

The biggest challenge faced by numerous housing societies is not having a proper garbage disposal system. This gives rise to various problems like spreading diseases, skin irritation, respiratory problems. It is harmful to the health of people living there. The air, water, and soil are contaminated that has a negative impact on human health. It spreads disease-carrying pests like mosquitoes.

The perfect solution to this problem is this automated disposal garbage system. In this article, we have mentioned why it is good for the health of the residents and the overall environment. Have a look!

Automated Single Control System

The system is built with stainless steel and modern electronics engineering. This makes it easy to operate and maintain from the control panel. The door panel offers detailed information about the operation. It can be manually activated from the control panel and then every door panel will be activated.

Uses Advanced Technology

A remarkable thing about this garbage system is that it there are two separate bins. When you have to throw the dry garbage, you must push the dry button. Once the ready button starts blinking, you can throw the dry garbage. For throwing the wet garbage, you will have to click on the wet button. If someone else will be throwing the garbage, the busy light will start blinking.

When the garbage is full, the garbage full light will start blinking. This is an excellent system to make sure the garbage is cleaned out on time.

Wonderful Cleaning System

A wonderful feature is its cleaning mechanism. A mixture of chemical and water will be used to clean the ducts. When the cleaning system is working, the system cleaning alert will be turned on at the control panel. The cleaning system has different water showers to keep the area neat.

Moreover, this is a great system that will not spread the odor. The exhaust fan will prevent the odor from spreading it.

Automated Fire Alert System

In case of a fire in the garbage room, there are automated fire extinguishers. The system will send an alert to the fire authorities and water valve will be opened.

Perfect for Multiple Buildings

Another great feature of this garbage chute system is that you can control the system of multiple buildings from a single place. This will make it easy and hassle-free to keep a track of the system.

No Risk of Diseases

This garbage chute system has a proper system, there will be no garbage overflowing. This will keep the area clean and odor-free. The system has the latest technology that will send an alert when the bins are full. So, the garbage bin will overflow.

Additionally, this will even eliminate the spread of mosquitoes. They are known to spread life-threatening diseases. There will be no risk of rats finding shelter and food in the garbage area.

Therefore, the garbage chute system is an amazing way to dispose of garbage and prevent the spread of life-threatening diseases. Install the system in your buildings and keep everyone safe and healthy.

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