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Central Vacuum Systems For Maximized Cleaning

Dust particles inevitably pollute the indoor environment, which becomes difficult to eliminate even after using efficient ventilation systems or portable vacuum cleaners, as dust is released back in the atmosphere through exhaust systems. It does not only cause suffering to those with respiratory issues but also results in creating an unpleasant atmosphere. A Central Vacuum System, is a newly designed technology developed for quick, efficient and environment friendly cleaning of indoor air at home or office, which means healthier air and a better life!


The new range of innovative central vacuum cleaners has proven to be advantageous over conventional cleaners making it an essential choice for home and workplaces, and is regarded as a more powerful tool than a simple home appliance! It includes:

1. Easy installation

Central vacuum is easily installed in your home, without any measure of renovating the place. It requires only a hole mounted at the wall covered by board plate which allows the dust particles to move into the dust bag and around 50mm diameter vacuum pipe which is easily fed through a crawlspace or the attic. This pipe is connected to the wall mounted hole for removing all the dust

2. No noise

It's time to say good bye to the noisy vacuum cleaners which often create an uncomfortable atmosphere at home while cleaning. The motor used in these cleaners is fixed in the basement or garage, away from the rooms and living rooms. Hence, minimizing the noise pollution indoor. One can even talk on the phone and other people won't guess that you are vacuuming.

3. Light weight

The system consists of a light weight vacuum pipe along with the accessories required for necessary cleaning of any surface. The cleaning becomes easy and does not require moving around carrying the heavy cleaners. The switch placed over the hose handle helps to turn it on and off. Moreover, it has one large bucket that needs replacement only twice a year!

4. Ergonomic design

Central vacuum cleaners can be easily used in cleaning different surfaces and places. Thanks to the highly developed accessories and tools which enable ultra-easy and less tedious cleaning. Its versatile design have made it a lot less troublesome as compared to cleaning using portable vacuum systems.

5. Increased power

Central vacuum systems' motor has power, three times more than a conventional vacuum cleaners. This is due to the fact that its motor system is placed in the basement and does not require any moving. As a result, it's more reliable and picks up microscopic debris or dust particles. The design includes industrial strength suction which is faster and ultimately requires less time.

Future benefits

Central vacuum systems are a great investment for your home. New modern homes are designed to accommodate this advanced feature. Installing a central vacuum system is less time consuming and expensive making it an essential choice in future for homes and offices. Technological advancement and allergic- reduction will surely make it to the top of the must have lists. Industry leading technology combined with carefully chosen material has ensured high durability and long life of central vacuum systems. Hence, this versatile technology with guaranteed quality will become a top choice while designing buildings or homes.

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