Vacuum cleaner not picking up / not suctioning

CENTRAL VACUUM Remove the hose from the vacuum cleaner; stretch it out so that it is straight. Then shine a bright light through the hose, if you can see the light at the other end, then it is fine. If you cannot see the light, then the hose is obstructed. Get the obstruction out and re-fix the hose back up and you are good to go.

Motor not working

The motor of the vacuum cleaner not working might be a function of a bad or defective switch. Check the switch. If bad, replace it. Check the power switch to identify if it’s not faulty if the power switch is working effectively well, but the motor is still not moving, the motor needs to be changed.

Vacuum cleaner brush not spinning

Check out the belt to see if it is not broken; if it is, then replace it. Also, if the brush roll is sticking, remove it and clean out the debris on it. If after this the brush continues not to spin, consider changing the brush roll.

Vacuum cleaner belt breaking

Remove the brush roll and clean it, put it back into place and make sure it is turning freely.


Unit is not turning on

CENTRAL VACUUMTry turning it off, then turning it on again. Unplug, and then plug back in. If problem persists, contact one of our engineers.

Remote not working

Replace the remote’s battery, or contact one of our engineers.

Air quality getting worse

Contact us to learn how to replace the filters in the unit.



Garbage not making it all the way through the chute

Chute might be mis-installed. Alternatively, try dumping a small quantity of liquid down the chute to move larger pieces of trash along.

Scent is overwhelming

Consider bagging your garbage or covering it up before disposal. Or, consider purchasing and installing an odour control unit.

Chute will not self-clean

Check the power sources — inspect plugs and outlets for quality. If you can find nothing wrong, consider contacting one of our engineers.


FWD Unit will not turn on

CENTRAL VACUUMCheck all power sources. Try turning the unit off, then on again. Then, try unplugging and re-plugging it in. If unit does not work, and you can find no issue with the connecting cords, contact one of our engineers.

FWD Unit does not run smoothly

Ensure unit is unpluggedbefore attempting to flush with water or remove any blockage. If unit problem persists, contact an engineer.