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Garbage Chute System

1. Sanitization & Fire risers require 8 sprinklers EACH according to the working principle schematics and also advertised as supplied in brochure. So what is supplied by Schonbach and what is not? What are we missing. Related to this, pipework in PVC sch40 referred to in the word doc from sanitization unit to sanitization sprinklers is from the buyer side supply correct? Can it be in PPR PN16 alternatively?

We will supply cleaning and fire sprinklers. for cleaning sprinkler we will complete the circuit, for fire sprinkles ½" IPS (BSP) female threading ready to be connected to 1” wet riser of fire protection system. You will have to run a pipe and connect it to fire sprinkle. Yes instead of PVC Sch 40, we can use PPR PN 16 from terrace to 4th floor we can run 1" pipe and then up to basement we can run 0.75" pipe.

2. The SS duct work is categorized as throat & intermediate pieces:

a. Can an intermediate piece be cut on site for vertical fitment/adjustment?

b. How is the termination of the duct shaft at roof level. Does Schonbach provide the "last piece" (Vent w/netting) or do we have to manufacture that final roof crossing piece.

A) As per dimension/measurement taken from actual site, we will manufacture the throat and intermediate pieces. There is no need to cut an intermediate piece at site.

B) Yes we will provide the last piece (Vent) of height 1.2 meter above roof level.

3. Exhaust system and Brush cleaning system require access either at roof level or 7th F on top of intake hopper for maintenance and inspection purposes. I don't see any access door listed in offer so is this supplied by Schonbach, are the exhaust and brush system located below roof or above roof level?

As per site condition we will plan location of access door. it may be with 7th floor intermediate piece or on the roof level below vent pipe. Exhaust & Brush system located as per access door's location.

4. What are the differences between Slave Unit & Interlock ?

Slave unit is same that indicate the busy or lock with on/off the signal light like red & green. Interlock means Interlocking door that have automated lock system.

5. Sanitization unit, I am assuming this is a combination of small pump + tank disinfectant or solenoid Valve + Tank for disinfectant. This is supposed to be on the roof if I understand correctly. So is it weatherproof? i.e. we don't have to build an enclosure for it? This needs periodic detergent/disinfectant refill correct? From a maintenance perspective.

Sanitation unit has made up of the parts that you stated. The body of that unit is made up of Stainless steel (SS 304 Grade - 1.5 mm thick). It is weather proof and located on the roof. If you require the you can build a wooden enclosure (it is not in our work scope). Yes it needs periodic refill as per usage.

6. Accessories . What are these?

It includes PVC Pipe, Electrical Pipe, Wire, Insulation tape, Cable, Clamps, Loading Unloading, Packaging, Nut Bolt, Anchor Fasteners, Washers etc

7. The thickness of the material is not specified ?

We recommend 1.5 mm to 2 mm (16 Gauge) thickness of the stainless steel , the Flanges we have changed to SS which is better for long life and the Z section which will be the end point of the Chute we will provide 2mm double coated protection as the entire force will hit that part.

8. Is there an indication on the air displacement rate?

Air displacement rate for exhaust fan is 200 m3/hr or 20-40 Air changes per hour (ACPH). Other technical details of exhaust fan are; fan motor shall be 1/6 HP, Class H continuously rated, electric supply 220/240 v or 110/120 v, 50/60 Hz, 0.8 A, 1300 rpm.

9. The material stainless steel needs to be coated with a protective medium. Are there indications on the fire ratings of the product?

Intake Hoppers are 90 minute fire rated (max. temp. rise 121°C. in 30 min) as per UL Standard. Passage for flame is not allowed, If fire exposed side temp. is @1000 C then unexposed side temp shall be 121 C. Fire rating complies with National Building Code 2005, clause For the Lower Noise in the duct the entire vertical length shall have coating of sound damping compound.

10. The access doors on each floor need to have self-closing properties and must be completely sealed

Access doors (Intake hopper) have an effective self-closing and sealing system. Hopper doors quietly and safely self closes after every operation in accordance with BS 1703

11. We noticed a water and fire sprinkler supply separately on the top section of the drawings. How are these integrated with the building water supply and fire suppression systems? Do they have separate feeders and storage? Please clarify.

For sanitation system: Water connection with one ½” Bib cock at roof level through which we connect with sanitation system. Cleaning (Water) Sprinkle in all floors behind the door opening is connected with PVC Sch 40 piping which used along the length of the chute.

For Fire Suppression System: Provide 1” wet riser from fire protection system for total building height inside chute duct. Connect fire sprinklers provided by us at top most intakes, lower most intake & in between alternate floors starting from top.

12. We are assuming the manufacturers provide detail technical workshop drawings for review and approval before producing the system.

We shall submit the detail technical workshop drawings.

13. The L brackets in the intermediate floors or the fire cut offs need to be in stainless steel for hygienic purposes.

We will provide L brackets (Supporting Frame) & fire cut off of stainless steel material.

14. The nylon brush cleaning system needs to give replacement kits for future maintenance.

We shall give replacement kits of Brush cleaning system as requested at any time.

15. The garbage trolley preferred in stainless steel for cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting purposes.

If not the HDPE we recommend Garbage trolley in Hot-dip Galvanized steel , 1100 liter, which is due to the rugged usage , easy to maintain and longevity. 1100 liter will be useful since 660 may get full faster and will require human intervention to be replaced, and any overflow in the garbage room can give life to pests and mosquitoes. If you still require Stainless Steel we can quote ,do let us know.

16. We believe it is an automated system and we need details of the electrical system.

There is control panel in the garbage system which controls the operation of sanitation system, exhaust fan and brush cleaning system. For control panel we need a 6 Amp. MCB, earth, neutral, single phase power point.

17. Certifications of the system (third party) are much appreciated.

The components which we use in the control panel are of Schneider and GIC make, they are programmed and integrated inhouse by our engineers so there is no 3rd Party certification involved as it’s a custom made solution , we offer self-certification.
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