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Central Vacuum System

1. Can I install Schonbach Central Vacuum Unit by myself?

Yes, if you have some fit out or construction experience this may not be a big task for you. A typical installation takes about one weekend, and you are ready to clean.

2. Why does the Schonbach Central Vacuum Unit have replaceable paper filters?

The replaceable paper filter assures that no dust or debris pass through the system and into the air, assuring a cleaner and healthier environment in your home, and longer life for your vacuum motor.

3. I am currently an owner of a another Central Vacuum System and I am not happy with the accessories that came with the system. Is it possible to use your accessories such as the hose and electric power head with my existing wall connections and motor unit?

Not a problem, our accessories fit most existing systems without much hassle, you can write to us and we will respond back swiftly to confirm.

4. Why do I need a cloth and paper filter bag for some models?

The reason for this is to catch any remaining dust coming through the paper bag and also, if the disposable paper filter bag breaks open, the debris will not go into the motor causing it to have issues. The cloth filter bag is placed inside the canister first. The paper filter bag goes inside the cloth bag.

5. How do I get a clog out of my pipe?

Locate the clog by determining which inlet has lost suction. Insert a wet wipes into the pipe through the inlet. This should release the debris that is built up. If the inlet still has some suction you could contact us by writing us an email or fill the form and our support team will assist.

6. I have no suction, what do I do?

You may have debris built up and causing a clog in one of your pipes. Check all of your inlets to see if there is suction in any of them, if not, start with the inlet closest to your mounted vacuum system and send wet wipe tissue down each one to break up any debris built up, causing a clog. Sometimes the plumbing can become disconnected causing a loss in suction.

7. Do I have to have a muffler or silencer kit?

The muffler or silencer kits are optional and in most cases not needed. There are times however, where you need the unit to be as quiet as possible and these kits will get the job done!

8. How do I find someone to service my system?

If there is not a dealer convenient to your location we can walk you through most repairs, or you can send the unit to us for repairs. But you can send us an email by filling the form and we will respond with the solution to your problem.

9. Why is my Schonbach Central Vacuum turning on and off by itself?

This is a sign that the circuit board in the control box on the motor has a bad connection and needs to be replaced. You can send us an email by filling the form and we will respond with the solution to your problem.

10. How often should I change my filter?

We recommend changing the paper filter every 3-4 months Of course this is dependent on the amount of vacuuming you do within that time frame.

11. Can I put a Schonbach Central Vacuum system into an existing house that does not currently have one?

Yes, this is definitely possible , email us and our specialists will provide the quote based on your requirement.

12. Will I have to demolish my wall in order to install a Schonbach Central Vacuum?

Although it is easiest to install a central vacuum while building a new house, it is also fairly straightforward to install in existing homes. In virtually all instances, you will not need to demolish walls to install the tubing and wiring of a central vacuum system. However, you will need to install inlet valves into walls, which requires chipping and cutting holes into existing walls.

13. There are so many Central Vacuum brands, why is yours the best?

One needs to see our units , experience them and decide. We need not boost about our products but our repeat customers through references and our product being specified in projects ensures that we are on the track of being named as the best Central Vacuum brand Manufacturer in the industry.

14. Where should I locate my inlets while installing a vacuum?

When you are considering where to install inlets, keep in mind that you will have a 7 to 15 meter hose and that you will need to be able to work around furniture as you use it. The rule of thumb is one inlet for every 600 sft of living area.

15. How does a Schonbach Central Vacuum compare to a portable vacuum?

There is no comparison to be made a installed Central Vacuum System will easily out perform any portable vacuum be it in terms of performance, reliability, health aspect or durability. Schonbach Central Vacuum systems use bigger, more powerful motors.

16. What are the benefits of having a Schonbach Central Vacuum System?

It reduces allergy and asthma symptoms, Added value to your property, More powerful vacuum than portable vacuums, Large dirt collection and long life motors.

17. What is the warranty on the product?

Do contact your local agent or email us by filling the form and we will respond back on the warranty related aspect.

18. How does the Schonbach Central Vacuum System turn on and off?

When you insert your hose into the inlet, the metal part makes a connection with that wire through some small metal beads. This completes the circuit and starts the unit. When you pull the hose out or turn the switch off, the circuit is broken and the units stops. If you have old inlets the process is slightly different.

19. How much suction does the Schonbach Central Vacuum System have?

Do refer to our product range on the various models we have covering various spaces, we have designed models based on application and the power motor it uses are totally subjected. Do email or fill the form below and we will revert back to assist you in selecting the right motor application.

20. Does the Schonbach Central Vacuum need to be vented?

This is a personal choice but it is not required. While our filters are very good there is still the possibility that some very small dust particles might get through. If this is a concern for you then venting the unit outside is a great option. Just keep in mind that the longer you run the vent pipe, the more power to you away from the system.

21. At what stage of construction do I install the Schonbach Central Vacuum System pipe?

Just before the plastering work is done you can have the piping work to begin but it all depends if you are taking from the floor or via false ceiling. Normally it is best to wait until the HVAC and electrical work is finished before you run the pipe. It is much easier for you to work around them than having them work around you.

22. If I need to replace my central vacuum do I have to use the same brand? Are central vacuums universal at all?

For the most part all central vacuum systems are plumbed the same, there are a few systems that require different sized piping. So email or fill the form below and we will revert back to assist you in selecting the right unit or guiding you to make the right decision.

23. How much electricity does a Schonbach Central Vacuum use?

The amount of power a central vacuum uses depends on the size and model of the power unit. The recommended power unit depends on how large of an area is to be cleaned by your central vacuum, So email or fill the form below and we will revert back to provide you with the right information.

24. Can I use a Schonbach Central Vacuum to clean vinyl, tile or hardwood floors?

Yes you can use Schonbach Central Vacuum Cleaning System for Vinyl or any other type of flooring, we have designed units for different purposes and applications accordingly we have the necessary accessories to mix match in order to form the right cleaning solution.
Advanced Domestic Central Vacuum System

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