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Garbage Chutes

Garbage Chutes

Maximize efficiency and cleanliness while minimising waste. Maintaining cleanliness has never been easier with the systematic garbage chute system .Our chute system come with cleaning and disinfecting mechanisms that reduce odour and enhance productivity .You no longer have to worry about trash collection no matter how big a building you have .Garbage chutes are perfectly matched for hospitals, hotels, multi storeyed complexes and more. Employing custom design Chutes we prevent bad odour and unhygienic surroundings by offering a self-sanitising routine .We also make use of vents to release bad smell to the exterior. Residents living in high rise buildings face issues of garbage movement. But now we have garbage chute systems. Chutes provides an easy and convenient method of garbage collection. This collection system is the best way to consolidate garbage from around the building into a single location for easier collection .

Some of the Features are:

  • Customisation as per clients needs in size, thickness, quality and functionality
  • Manufactured as per International standard by following building codes to ensure best product output considering safety.
  • Full welding of the ducts along the length to ensure product is intact for long life.
  • Temperature Sensor in the Garbage Room to sense any rise in temperature due to fire which will start the alarm and the pump from the top to extinguish any fire immediately.
  • High pressure disinfectant spraying, solid profile, wide angle, adjustment cleaning sprinklers.
  • Every intake level cleaning operation by smart control panel in the garbage room.
  • Exhaust system to give minimum 20 - 40 air changes per hour .
  • Fire rated hoppers as per you L 10 be standards
  • Discharge end fire cut off door
  • Garbage collection in bins available in different diameters and hopper sizes diameter 450 mm/600 mm/750 mm
  • Standard response fire sprinklers of 68o C, are available inside the chute.
  • Manually operated auto closing fire rated doors

Standard Chutes

Standard Garbage Chutes from Schonbach meets the finest quality standards set by the industry we manufacture using stainless steel grade SS304/SS430 having thickness of 1.2/ 1.5 /2 mm depending upon diameter of chute and as per client requirements. The standard Chute system comes with basic needed features of exhaust fan, sanitation system for cleaning and is able to accommodate all optional features such as brush cleaning, odour control , clog warning system if required. This is the most demanded and sold of Schonbach Garbage Chute range due to less maintenance required to operate.

Interlocking Chutes

Interlocking chute system is an advanced version of standard chute system. It has an automated lock system at every floor.

Segregated Chutes

Segregated garbage chutes are an appropriate system because, garbage separation is a task that people carry out thoughtfully which would be well supported with equally thoughtful engineering technique. As the name suggests, segregated Chute separate garbage or trash based on wet and dry or general and recyclable depending on client or customer requirements . All the features of standard and interlocking chutes are included in the segregated shoot with an additional diverter option at the bottom of the shoot which will move based on the selections mate. Its rotating flap door enables dry garbage to fall into the driving and wet garbage to get dumped into the wet bin. The religious use of segregated garbage chutes would reduce enormous amount of separation task to workers. Its automatic sprinkler cleaning system keep it clean continuously and the vents manage bad odour better.

All three Garbage chute systems functions on the centralized garbage collection idea. A universal solution for wet and dry garbage, with long term cost and time efficient benefits. Schonbach is a key name among garbage chute manufacturers. Our integrated garbage solution system facilitates easy collection and smart movement of garbage to the respective location, for disposal.

Installation areas are

  • Residential commercial buildings and malls
  • Any duct common lobbies landings staircases mid landings utility ducts dry balcony sand kitchens .
  • Intake hoppers shall be at every floor level .
  • At mid-landing, intake hopper shall be on alternate floor level.


Save on Pickup: Irrespective of your placing in the building, immense cost cutting on trash service due to consolidated garbage

Ease Janitorial Workload: One-stop pickup solution that avoids overworked janitors

Fewer Germs: Schonbach's garbage chutes frequently clean and sanitize itself, killing germs and preventing contamination, through nylon brush cleaning system installed in the chute.

No Odours: Our aerated vents prevents odour in the buildings as, 1-10 microns range liquid particles are dispersed in the air, which connects with the odour gas and turns into biodegradable substances.


A cleaner solution: A transformed trash space indeed, as a common stench swarming open trash scenario is eliminated. Thanks to the technology that cares. A befitting solution for waste disintegration, collection, and disposal.

Easy segregation into wet and dry

Improved sanitation: Brush cleaning system that manoeuvre up and down, ensure extreme cleanliness inside the chute and thus an odourless and infection less system, in your range of dwelling.

Centralized pickup: Collect your trash at a single spot. People’s tendency to callously disperse garbage at a spot of their convenience, gets completely structured, with the installation of such chutes, be it standard or segregated.

More features: Customers may choose order masking, self-cleaning or sound dampening chutes from our range for outright satisfaction.

Residential and industrial garbage chute manufacturer in UAE