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Debris Chutes

Debris Chutes

Schonbach’s debris chutes helps you to manage construction waste considerably, due to ease of installation and sound dampening feature.

Debris management involves high risk as dust particle, concrete chip or blocks and pieces of rods may poove fatal sometimes during construction. For the same reason, an apparatus that assist safe management of Debris waste is an extremely essential temporary installation.

The wastage at Construction sites globally has always been a problem and with manual labour cost being a challenge to carry down the waste and throwing the waste from the height always causes serious accidents at site. Debris Chute by Schonbach solves the problem , our Debris Chute is made with high quality High-density Polyethylene(HDPE) Material which is not only strong and rigid, but reusable by easily dismantling and reinstalling at any other site. The most recurrent diameter is 580mm at the top and 430mm at the base with 5mm thickness. This gives a good telescopic fitting and stability during usage. We can customise colour, dimension and thickness to your preference.

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