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Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum System

Schonbach's iconic Central Vacuum Cleaning System is your home and office’s ultimate vacuuming solution. For the most reliable and cost effective vacuuming machine, we are the one stop Central Vacuum manufacturer with our own designs and concepts, Schonbach central vacuum system is eco-friendly as the collected debris is disposed outside the building. Hence zero health hazards and its ability to extricate the remotest of dust and dirt gives deep cleaning and better indoor air quality.

Centralised Vacuum Cleaning System from Schonbach offers a variety of models. We use the buildings layout for maximum efficiency. It is a cleaning solution from 750 sft up to 10 million sft plus. This system covers residential, commercial and industrial sectors, with a tailor-made solution for wet and dry area is unique to us. Our Pythoflex flexible retractable hose, allows deep penetration to extreme hideouts in the building thus reduced dependency on workers. This system of hiding retractable hoses wipes out the need of extension cords.

We provide OEM solutions in complete as we not only provide you conceptual designs which are new and unique, but we provide you the same standard what we maintain. So, it is our product of European Standards with your logo and brand which you can market globally.

Industrial cleaning machines come in 2 models MULL and MATIC MOTOR.

There is no dirt that the MULL can't handle. This professional industrial dirt separator can handle up to 8 connections at a time it is equipped with the state-of-the-art software and can man over auto clean up system quickly and super efficiently. Customers love it's innovative maintenance computer, its relatively slim frame and its ease of use. If you are looking for a professional dust separator look no further.

Matic Motors: The Matic is part of industrial line that offers power vacuuming, perfect reliability, and additional strength to your vacuuming experience. With the electronically managed inverters the Matic is of great service now .

Ocshe professional series is by a large the unparalleled vacuum cleaning experience with maximum power its multi user compatibility is a standout feature. Ocshe professional vacuum units can be used in buildings with the following features.

  • Surfaces up to 2000 M2
  • suitable for maximum 3 users
  • hey pipe network according to the number of users
  • supply from 220/ 240 v AC single phase to 400 V 3 phase.
  • Continuous use


Vacuum units are equipped with an air discharge connection to expel dust particles that the filter cannot hold outside. They can be placed in soundproofed utility rooms to protect the other rooms from the noise and to keep them protected from harsh weather humidity and temperature variations.

In the design stage we recommend identification of the best location for the central unit with respect to the system leaving a reasonable space for installation, use, maintenance, and a proper air circulation around the unit and passive sound requirements of the building. If the system is installed in a building with several floors, we suggest placing the vacuuming unit on the bottom floor. In case of exposed pipes to avoid the sediment of dust on the walls close to the pipes caused by static charges, we recommend making the pipe network with metal pipes connected to the ground .


Noise: Centralized vacuum systems are quieter in comparison to conventional machines.

Cleaner building environment? Our central vacuum systems has a deep suction capacity that enables hair, dirt and debris removal super efficiently. Homes are cleaner in the inside as the collected material is removed to the outside.

Mobility: Centralized Vacuum System hunts for hideouts of dust and dirt in every nook and cranny of your building.

Better monetary value: Make your initial investment on a long term beneficial product. That is exactly what our Centralized Vacuum Solution is!


Going Green: We have Eco-friendly vacuum cleaners, whose net resultant is a healthy community and greener environment.

Ease of use: Central Vacuum System edges over traditional vacuum machines, on usage and disposal of accumulated dirt. Smart solution, just needs a snap of your fingers, and there it goes.

More suction: Effective cleaning is a quotient of character as far as vacuuming machines are concerned. We ensure our users that they will never be disappointed of the outcome. Schonbach’s Central Vacuum System assures more power and more effectiveness.

Save money: CVS offer extended value over the life of a building in contrast with traditional vacuuming solutions available in market.


Advanced vacuum units can be installed in residential buildings with the following features for Domestic Advance and Economy

  • Surfaces between 30 M to up to 500 M2
  • suitable for one user
  • pipe network 50 mm/ 2 inch
  • 220 / 240 Volt AC supply
  • non continuous use for household dust vacuum external air exhaust
  • Can be installed in utility rooms service rooms basements and balconies protected from bad weather .

Domestic Konkav Wang model installation area features

  • Surface between 30 M2 up 2 300 M2
  • Suitable for one user
  • Pipe network 40 mm/50 mM /2 inch
  • 220/ 240v AC supply
  • Non continuous use for household dust vacuum
  • External air exhaust
  • Built-in installation or wall mounting installation possibility
  • Can be installed in closets thermal power rooms corridors and protected weatherproof balconies .
  • Wide Range of Products:
    Product categories include Central Vacuum & Cleaning, Garbage Chute & Smart Waste Bins mong several others.
  • Big-Picture Approach:
    Solutions are developed keeping in mind your project’s goal and not simply the products available, so you receive what is best for your needs. Integrated waste management is such an approach that reaches not just millennial needs, but also an inspiration to develop technology that foresee.
  • Specialist Team:
    Identifying a niche and satisfying the same with precision for wholesome satisfaction. Brush cleaning system for Garbage chutes to mention one, is a simplistically designed yet result oriented tool that ensures hygienic use and maintenance of garbage chutes. Our professionally trained experts work closely with clients to understand their business and technical needs to develop the best possible solutions.
  • Additional Support:
    We offer a unique Extended Warranty solution, in which we offer after-care support via a qualified technical team helping you eliminate downtime.

We are dedicated to operational excellence having primary focus on innovative solutions such as RFID waste solutions, highest standards of delivery, and a customer-first policy. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your project will receive the best-suited solution with no compromises on quality or efficiency.

In 2018 we started a brand formed for our Inhouse fabrication and manufacturing of our solutions along with various metal industries works such as Garbage Chutes, Waste Bins

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