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Smart Waste Compactor

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Smart Waste Compactor

Smart Waste Compactor

Schonbach focuses on integrated waste management solution. Smart waste compactor facilitates dumping ten times more waste without the hassle of cleaning. The waste bins can be monitored through cloud based monitoring system as they are fitted with ultra bin level sensor. These bins have compactors run by electricity or solar power. This solution optimizes waste collection routes and schedules according to historical and real time data. It enhances decision making ahead of time and offers consultation on waste bin allocations.

Key features:

  • Can manage both wet and dry waste
  • Connects to IoT cloud for monitoring
  • Equipped with ultra violet light disinfectant for protection from germs
  • Customized design as per need


  • Save housekeeping time and labor
  • Reduce cost of waste disposal by saving on fuel, labor and fleet maintenance cost.
  • Remote planning and monitoring
  • Reduce landfill impact and harmful emissions
  • Improved cleanliness by enabling waste collection staff to receive notifications of waste overflows
  • Optimum space utilization
  • No garbage spills
  • Better hygienic environment due to reduced pests and rodents

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