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Interlocking Linen Chutes

The unique interlocking property of linen chutes enable one time user ensuring user safety. The BUSY indication is enabled when a user uses the chute at a floor level.


Linen chutes are manufactured using high grade stainless steel with a weatherproof design and efficient vent system to allow adequate air movements. The intake hoppers are hinged and Left hand side. The discharge end fire door is D type. Linen chutes are available in different size according to the requirement of high rise buildings.

Provision for interlocked linen chutes

Minimum required Duct Size

Diameter of chute Opening of duct/slab
24” 32” x 32”
30” 36” x 36”
Other sizes Diameter of chute + 8”

1. Front wall shall be constructed after the chute erection.

2. Inside the chute duct, 1” wet riser is provided from fire protection system for total building height.

3. The fire sprinklers shall be connected at top and lower most intake & between alternate floors starting from top

4. We provide predefined water connection in case of requirement of integral cleaning system.


1. Optional sound damper coating: Min. 2 mm thick sound deadener coating to reduce sound, if needed.

2. Fire Sprinklers:

  • Fire sprinklers open at 68 C. to put out fire.
  • They are installed at top and bottom intakes (Starting from top) and also in between alternate floors
  • ½" IPS (BSP) female threading and 1” wet riser of fire protection system are ready to be joined

3. Discharge End Fire Door: In case of fire in Laundry room the discharge end fire door shall cut off fire path at 79 C

Our "D" type discharge end fire rated door is held horizontally, by 79 C. fusible link, against gravity. In case of fire, fusible link melts and fire door closes the upward path of chute, thus restricting the heat transfer to upper floors.


Follow BS 1703:2005, NFPA 82 norms

  • UL 508A based control panel
  • UL 10B chute doors (90 min fire rated)
  • UL controller for chute systems

Laundry room:

1. Provide floor tiles and wall tiles (min. 1.8 mtr. high)

2. Floor have slope towards gully trap connected to drainage/ basement sump. (In case of Interval cleaning system)

3. Provide 6 Amperes MCB, earth and neutral for control panel in laundry room.

4. Arrangement for Lighting.

5. Provide clear (minimum 1.5 mtr. Wide) outside opening flush door (40 mm thick) to Laundry room.

6. After installation of chute, Chute duct slab has to be closed in Laundry Room

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