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Access Control Chutes

Due to continuous security threats faced by several international service providing sectors like hotels and hospitals, the demand for access control linen chutes has reached its peak.

Schonbach has painstakingly designed their linen chutes with a unique feature which offers high security in the control and operation of linen chutes at public buildings like hospitals and hotels, with its distinctive feature of providing a secret code to the authorized person/ persons. These passwords might differ from floor to floor for user identification. Provisions are made to change or reset password anytime as required. In addition, extra security is also provided with a separate additional code to the employees in management level.

Access control keypad is compact and designed based on most innovative technology to meet customer demands, and the same time made user friendly with its easily understandable features. These are durable and ensure 100% safety.

Features of Access control system dedicated for Linen Chute

1. Access control system is provided with 12 digit key pad near the intake hopper.

2. A Four digit resettable changeable password, at each intake hopper, will permit its usage only by the company’s authorized persons.

3. As an extra safety measure, a master password is provided to the higher management for overriding any previous passwords.


Follow BS 1703:2005, NFPA 82 norms

  • UL 508A based control panel
  • UL 10B chute doors (90 min fire rated)
  • UL controller for chute systems

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