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Standard chutes

Standard chutes

It helps in consolidating large quantities of garbage in large buildings, from different floor levels to one collection point. Standard Garbage Chutes have been extremely beneficial for its users and a single garbage collection point, makes the process hassle free. Standard garbage chute makes garbage disposal safe and hygienic, because of its self-sanitising feature.

Standard garbage chute can be installed in residential, commercial building s and malls, via ducts, common lobbies, stair cases and kitchens. Corrosion resistant high durability steel makes Schonbach’s standard chutes most sought after product in the industry.


  • High pressure disinfectant spraying,
  • solid profile,
  • wide angle,
  • adjustable cleaning sprinklers
  • At every intake level
  • Cleaning operation by control panel in garbage room
  • Exhaust system to give minimum 20-40 air changes/hr
  • Fire Rated Hoppers as per UL 10B Standard
  • Discharge end fire cut off door
  • Garbage collection in Bins.
  • Available in different diameters & Hopper sizes (Diameter 450mm / 600mm / 750mm)
  • Standard response fire sprinklers of 68ᵒ C are provided inside the chute
  • Manually operated, Auto closing, Fire rated Chute doors.

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