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Segregated chutes

Segregated chute is the most advanced system in the Garbage / Trash Chute system where the waste can be segregated based on Wet & Dry or General & Recyclable depending on the client requirements. At Schonbach, we have all the features of Standard and Interlocking included in the Segregated chute system with an additional Diverter option at the bottom of the chute which moves according to the selection made. Schonbach’s Segregated chute has an automatic cleaning system that washes it with water and disinfectant which keeps it sanitized and odour free. As separate disposal of wet and dry waste is mandatory under the environmental Rules, segregation is important.

The operational sequence is as below:

  • Press Any button "Dry" or "Wet“/ “General” or “Recyclable’’
  • Busy indicator and hoppers remain locked for all floors.
  • Segregated garbage chute converts to respective mode "Dry" or "Wet" by rotating flap door in the garbage room.
  • Operated hopper unlocked with indication of selected garbage.
  • Disposed bag goes to appropriate trolley.
  • Auto closing hopper resets the system for next use.
  • Total change over time of 10 seconds
  • Electrical requirements are 24 VDC, 5A

Segregated chute System Manufacturers & Suppliers in UAE