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Sound Damping

Immense care has to be taken while disposing garbage through stainless steel chutes, especially when hard, noise producing garbage is passing through the chutes. Taking into consideration the noise hazards, Schonbach has designed sound damping property for the garbage chutes.

In order to suppress the sound of the falling object through the chute, a tar like thick paint is applied on the outer surface of the chute, as a sound proof, with airless gun. For instance, any metal object which is disposed through chute will bang with the material (metal especially) producing an undesirable vibration sound. With the application of this thick paint, the sound levels shall be reduced. The paint thickness is normally 1.2mm to 1.5mm DFT (Dry Film Thickness).


  • Sound reduction in trash and linen chutes
  • Reduction of sound caused by air ventilation system
  • Reduction of sound caused by containers (example. Garbage and glass containers)
  • Sound reduction of engine parts


  • Outstanding acoustic properties
  • VOC is low
  • Quick drying paint
  • Paint compatible
  • Environmentally friendly and water based
  • Water proof under conditional circumstances


A clean and grease free surface is needed for paint application. Paints are applied in thick layers up to 5mm without sagging. These can be applied using secondary air spraying equipment. In general, all types of equipment with a transmission of 5:1 up to 12:1 are suitable with a 3/5” hose up to 10m length and a spray gun with a nozzle of 2-4 mm.

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