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Odour Control Unit

A foul smelling garbage chute is an indicative of poor hygiene practices. In addition it attracts rodents and germs. Schonbach introduces odor control systems that can neutralize such unpleasant smell. It enhances the natural method of waste management by focusing on waste disposal in a hygienic and eco-friendly manner.

For effective odor control the following are required

Disinfection sprayer

Purpose: Periodic internal cleaning of the chutes, with a disinfection sprayer, is mandatory to reduce the risk of bacteria or virus build up and odor problems within the ducts. Therefore decontamination and disinfection is our prior focus.

Description: A disinfectant liquid is used in air tight closed garbage rooms. This disinfectant liquid is dispersed in the air in very small particle sizes of 1-10 microns and the foul gas is masked and dissolved. These particles are attached to the molecules of odorous gases, which increases the weight of these molecules and they soon settle down and biodegrade.

Specifications: The cleaning liquids are provided with PVC Sch 40 piping fitted along the length of garbage chutes.

Exhaust system


Garbage chutes are designed with efficient vents that help in the complete removal of foul odor from the garbage chutes. These vents produce a minimal range of 20 to 40 air changes every hour and are located at the roof level with the exhaust installed at about 1.2 – 2m above the roof. The exhaust is remotely operated using the control panel.


The two main types of vents for garbage chutes

  • Vents with Full diameter
  • Vents with reduced diameter

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