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Clog Warning System

A chute blockage can become fatal at a job site. In case of chute clogging, and if more debris is fed, the total weight of the chute will drastically increase leading to the collapse of the entire system. A collapse without warning may even cause serious injury or death.


In case of chute clogging, a clog warning system is designed to raise an alarm. This is based on no contact sensing technology. The clogging of garbage in chute periodically checked using sensors. It gives an audio visual alert if the chute is clogged, along with location of clog.

Process of removal of clogged chutes

Firstly, block any potential entryways near the blocked area and evacuate the area below the chute. A crane with great residual capacity is required to lower the chute to the ground, once the chute is safely lowered workers begin to dismantle and clear the blockage. After the chute is cleared, the proper assembling and re-installation of chute is ensured. Any worker or personal approach is restricted during this process.

Advantages of Clog warning system

Prevents accidents.

Avoid complete breakdown of chutes due to excessive clogging.

Exact location of clog can be located, thus reducing time consumption for clog location.

Measures to prevent chute clog:

  • Try breaking up light weight debris like foam, thin roofing membrane which tend to clog chute much faster than other materials.
  • Ensure 2 to 5 feet chute clearance above the dumpster rim.
  • Ensure trolleys are promptly switched out as soon as it gets full.

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