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Brush Cleaning System

Brush Cleaning System


Periodic internal cleaning of the chutes is mandatory to avoid serious health issues such as cold, watery eyes and allergies. Schonbach ensures cleanliness of their garbage chutes with a daily cleaning cycle of two minutes, where all the greasy dirt is removed with their super strong brushes.


For this purpose a flexible high grade nylon brush is installed. The nylon brushes can be raised and lowered for efficient cleaning of the internal cylindrical surface of the garbage chutes, accompanied by a water sprinkler and standard electric logic control system. The brushes are operated using this control panel by previously setting the number of cleaning cycles. A Soft Nylon brush and fuzz nylon with stainless steel wire brush are provided as optional accessories.

The chute cleaning system is fabricated in the factory as an integral unit and is ready for immediate connection in sites. A cylindrical housing with replaceable flexible nylon brushes is automatically lowered and raised by a geared electric motor. As the nylon brushes move up and down the chute, they scrape and clean the internal surface. These brushes are usually connected by a wire or cable to the motor axel. The water supply for chute flushing, the built in safety overloads and the electric motor are entirely controlled by a robust electric logic control circuit.

The brush system operates together with the sanitizing system and the flushing system for the correct cleaning of chutes.


Depending on the diameter of the chute in various types of buildings, the brushes are available in different sizes.

The discharge sprinklers have 120 cone profiles attached at intake section.

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