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Duct Cleaning with Vacuum

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Duct Cleaning with Vacuum

Duct Cleaning with Vacuum

Duct cleaning machine with vacuum for cleaning ducts. It is our add on along with Garbage Chutes for long term hygiene. Duct cleaning is essential as it leads to allergic component /microbes growth due to accumulation of dirt and dust continuously. Schonbach encourages its buyers to practice the use of duct cleaning equipment for long term usability of the Garbage chutes system.

It brushes and vacuums ducts. It has and adjustable brush speed with positive and negative rotations. The two suction fans enable complete cleaning of the duct. Having a remote control unit, the cleaning equipment is easy to operate. This equipment is easy to install as well.

Model: SC-836

It covers a vacuuming area of 100-500 mm

Size: 460*402*704 mm

Suction pipe:50 mm*15mm

Brush :300/400/500/600 mm



Voltage: 200v/50hz

Speed:0-1400 rpm which is adjustable

Sweeping area:100-800mm

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