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Central Vacuum System

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Ochse Professional Central Vacuum System

Ochse Professional Central Vacuum System

Discover a more powerful clean with Ochse Professional series! Perfect for hotels, resorts, hospitals, office buildings, and more, the Ochse provides you with unparalleled service and maximum power. The sleek, modern unit allows you to safely and easily vacuum from anywhere inside a large building, without lugging heavy vacuums behind you. Users love it for its strong suction, possibility of continuous use, and easy-to-use touch screen. It is the go-to central vacuum cleaner for professional and semi-professional use.


  • Maintenance computer
  • Optional automatic filter cleaning
  • Energy saving
  • CE marking
  • IP protection degree
  • Insulation class 1
  • Allows 3 users at a time
  • Optional connection to an Ethernet network to check status

Ochse Selection Table

MODEL Recommended Surfaces ARTICLE Supply V ac Max.Number of users
Ochse Professional 1000 1200 m2 161755 400 2
Ochse Professional 2000 1500 m2 161756 400 2
Ochse Professional 3000 1800 m2 161757 400 3

Installation Area:

Ochse Professional vacuum units can be used in buildings with the following features

  • Surfaces up to 2000 m2
  • Suitable for 3 users maximum
  • Pipe network according to the number of users
  • Supply: from 220/240 Vac single-phase to 400 V three-phase
  • Continuous use
  • External air exhaust

Vacuum units are equipped with an air discharge connection, in order to expel dust particles that the filter cannot hold outside. They can be placed in soundproofed technical rooms or utility rooms (for example garages, basements, etc) to protect the other rooms from the noise and to keep them protected from harsh weather, humidity and temperature leaps.

In the design stage, we recommend identification of the best location for the central unit with respect to the system, leaving a reasonable space for installation, use, maintenance, a proper air exchange around the unit and passive acoustic requirements of the building. If the system is installed in a building with several floors, we suggest placing the vacuum unit on the bottom floor. In case of exposed pipes, to avoid the sediment of dust on the walls close to the pipes caused by static charges, we recommend making the pipe network with metal pipes, connected to the ground.

Professional Central Vacuum System in UAE