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Central Vacuum System

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Economy Domestic Central Vacuum System

Economy Domestic Central Vacuum System

The second type available under Schonbach brand is Economy Domestic central vacuum system. This is another flagship product from the central vacuum manufacturer. Save on the cost but get all the great benefits of centralized vacuuming with the Domestic Economy! Characterized by quality, power, and innovation, the Domestic Economy serves as a brilliant starting point to extend the value of a building over its lifetime. Enjoy the mobility, power, and energy efficiency of Schonbach with the Domestic Economy!


  • Interchangeable filtration options
  • Hey integrated inlet
  • Hey energy saving
  • Maintenance computer
  • Soft start
  • Hey IP protection degree
  • Hey class one insulation
  • Single user
  • CE marking
    • IP protection degree
    • Insulation class 1
    • Allows 1 user at a time

Economy Model Selection

MODEL Recommended Surfaces ARTICLE Recommended Vacuum Inlets Number of Users
Economy 250 250 m2 121711 8 1
Economy 500 500 m2 121712 18 1

Installation Area:

Economy vacuum units can be installed in residential buildings with the following features

  • Surfaces between 30 m2 up to 500 m2
  • Suitable for 1 user
  • Pipe network Ø 50 mm/ 2 inch
  • 220/240 Vac supply
  • Non-continuous use for household dust vacuum
  • Air exhaust to the outside
  • Can be installed in utility rooms, service rooms, basements and balconies protected from bad weather.

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