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Aquaman (wet / dry) Domestic Central Vacuum System

Aquaman Domestic Central Vacuum System

The Aquaman Domestic Central Vacuum is a built-in cleaning System that mops, scrubs, dusts completely, vacuums and does much more that an ordinary vacuum. In addition, it can clean using hot water extraction and leaving them dry to the touch just moments after cleaning.


They are ideal for expensive wooden floors, to remove the entire sticky and greasy dirt quickly and smoothly, that cannot tolerate standing water. It replaces the conventional cleaning into one fluid easy experience.

Schonbach provides professional quality deep cleaned carpets with their Aquaman domestic central vacuum system that performs a hot water extraction process that deep cleans by the same method recommended by major floor caring experts. It takes just a few minutes to work on a spill. Cars and trucks can also receive the same clean effect with a garage hookup. Tile cleaning can never be done more easily with the wet/ dry vacuum system.

A new age wet/dry central vacuum such as the industry’s leading Aquaman central vacuum has the tools, accessories and suction power to handle any job inside or outside of your home.


They help eliminate the dust and allergens in the air leaving the air you breathe clean and sanitary. With this innovative solution all household dust and grime, wet or dry, is disposed of in a dust free fashion without effecting anyone by the contaminants removed from your home, because there is no further contact with the dust. Therefore there is no chance of the pollutants re-entering your house. All of this is made possible without the use of harsh chemicals.


In Aquaman’s hot water cleansing method, dust disposal is done by wet cyclonic filtration. The vacuumed debris, wet or dry is combined with a stream of water in a cyclonic slurry, that sends soil and contaminants down the drain and exhaust vapors outdoors, resulting in 100% dust elimination. A disposable debris screen catches large debris that does not have to be send down the drain. Each suction port has a p-trap in the tubing which prevents any moisture from seeping out of the ports. Next to the suction port is a water port plumb with standard pegs.

Unique model of Aquaman Domestic Central vacuum:

A brand new model of Schonbach is the portable Aquaman Domestic Central vacuum system that can satisfy your cleaning needs without having to remodel your existing facilities to use a wet/ dry central vacuum cleaner. Save time and space using Aquaman wet/dry systems by replacing your portable vacuums, mops, carpet extractors and other cleaning equipment.

We provide complete OEM solutions as we not only provide you the latest and unique conceptual designs, but we also provide you with the same standard that we maintain. So, it is our product of International Standards with your logo and brand which you can market globally.

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