ODM & OEM Solution

As being the manufacturers of the Schonbach Central Vacuum System we have a big setup and entire workforce catering to the regular orders we receive from around the world. Our dedicated Design, Engineering, Quality and Technical team work round the clock sometimes in multiple shifts to make sure that we are on time to deliver the goods as promised to our clients.

Having a setup on such large scale sometimes give us an opportunity to serve to other potential entrepreneurs or companies who are willing to begin production of the Central Vacuum System or require a particular spare part of the unit under their own brand, so we are here to reduce their burden of spending time and money on making a facility like us, which we must say is a headache and sometimes blessing in disguise.

We provide ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solutions in complete, we not only provide you conceptual designs which are new and unique but we provide you the same standard what we maintain. So it is basically our product of European Standards with your logo and brand which you can market globally, we will even assist you in the designing of your marketing material, so you can say to your clients that you own a factory in Europe and don’t worry we maintain all the confidentiality of the trade.

Below is our process we follow and you must be rest assured if you have the numbers and confident you have the market for your Central Vacuum System, you need not worry and we are here to make sure that we support you in all aspects of the design, manufacturing and Technical Support so that we all grow on a win win situation.

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