Meet the Hangen! The Hangen is a wall-mounted domestic unit with a no-pipe construction. With a sleek, modern, it makes for an attractive option in smaller locations. Users will enjoy the included remote, 5-inch color touch screen, and WeChat option, as well as the thin metal body.

Wall mounted air machine retains the remote control mode of the most part, this is particularly important for some users. When the environment is not WIFI, the remote control is handy. The remote control supports the following operations:

Wall mounted unit comes with true color, which in the industry is the first at low price.The touch screen can display the air quality parameters of the current environment clear, mainly PM2.5, numerical indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, and the historical data can be recorded for a week, and to chart the way given.

In the setup interface, you can choose to connect to the WIFI, with WeChat, manually set a week fan operation plan, the remaining time to remind the parameters such as the replacement of the filter screen. In 2017, Schonbach officially released WeChat control. For consumers, will be a forward-looking innovation experience. The latter can also be integrated through the application of cloud computing and big data to achieve the wisdom of air quality management of the family.

Technical Details

Model Hangen 80 Hangen 120
Fan speed EC EC


220V 220V

Electric heating power

350W 350W

Maximum air volume (m3/h)

80 120

Speed RPM (min-1) I U/min

0-2500 0-2500

Noise at 3 m (dB (A))

0-30 0-35

Heat exchange rate

<90% <90%

Pore size (mm)

Ø 80 Ø 120


220V 220V