Garbage Chutes

Garbage ChutesSchonbach's garbage chutes present the perfect solution for easy and efficient refuse collection! By installing these garbage chutes, you can collect all of the waste in one concentrated area, reduce your costly garbage pick-up, and more.

Our innovative chutes over top-of-the-line, convenient trash collections. First, our chutes are made of stainless steel - no rusting, staining, or degradation will occur for years. Secondly, our intakes have safety features in place to prevent unwanted accidents.

You'll never have to worry about refuse collection again!

Types of Chutes

Gargage Chute Door


Line Chute Door

Additional Options

Odour Control Unit: Suppress and actively get rid of odours with this control unit! This unit, installed in the garbage room, destroys odors by releasing liquid with droplets in size from 1 - 10 microns. These droplets then infiltrate smell molecules and break them down.

Sheet RollingClog Warning System: Clog warning system is part of our Research process which was first developed in our European design house by using infrared sensors we can detect to create an alarm in case of waste or any clogging in the chute.The sensors are programmed to be operational throughout the 24 hour period to check clogging of garbage in chute.

Brush Cleaning System: A stiff nylon brush can be installed near the opening of the chute. Then, it automatically raises and lowers during the chute's cleaning cycles, providing a more effective way to dislodge refuse.

Sound Damping: Avoid loud clangs with sound damping! A paint with a thick consistency, like tar, sound damping helps control the sound of impacts within the garbage chutes.