Garbage Chutes System

Maximize efficiency and cleanliness while minimizing waste. Maintaining cleanliness has never been easier with a systematic garbage chute system! Our chutes come with cleaning and disinfecting mechanisms that reduce odor and enhance productivity.

Central Vacuum System You no longer have to worry about trash collection, no matter how big of a building you have! Our garbage chutes are perfectly matched for hospitals, military compounds, and more.

Employing custom –designed chutes, we prevent odors and uncleanliness by offering a self-sanitizing regime. We also make use of vents to release smells to the outside.


Save on Pickup: Reduce costly trash service by consolidating your garbage, no matter where you are in the building.

Ease Janitorial Workload: Avoid having your janitors overworked by providing an easy, one-stop pickup solution.

Fewer Germs: Our garbage chutes continually clean and sanitize themselves, killing germs and preventing contamination from spreading.

No Odors: Our aerated vents release noxious odors to the outside world, preventing their spread throughout the buildings.


A cleaner solution: By reducing the numbers of open trash cans, you eliminate the look of waste and create a cleaner-looking space.

Improved sanitation: With chutes that routinely wash and disinfect themselves, you never have to worry about trash lingering inside of them.

Centralized pickup: Get all of your trash in one location. This helps expedite the removal of waste from the premises.

More features: Choose from complete odor masking, internal brush cleaning, or sound dampening to make your garbage chutes even cleaner and quieter!