Food & Waste Disposal

Contribute to the “no food waste to landfills” movement by taking the matter into your own hands! Schonbach offers three different models of food waste disposal units that can help you lower your waste, reduce plastic bag use, and stop costly garbage emptying.

Central Vacuum System Each food waste disposal unit completely macerates fast food waste, veggies, fruits, meats, and food leftovers with a small amount of electricity and water. Then, using pipes, the waste is then expelled safely into the water, where it can be re-captured and processed.

Feel a sense of pride as you take steps towards eliminating waste from landfills. Our units serve households, restaurants, hotels, and more!


Three Different Models: Scale your garbage grinding based on the needs of your home, office, or business with flexible models.

Lowered Trash Costs: Avoid being charged for extra trash and paying for additional plastic bags. Grinding your food waste can lower your trash bill.

Cutting-Edge Design: Sleek and attractive unit construction fits seamlessly into any location.

Improved Sound-Proofing: With double-hollow construction on some models and quieter engines on others, our food waste processors are much quieter than our competitors.


Convenience: No need to manually collect and destroy food waste — our units prevent it from building up and effectively get rid of it.

Fewer pests: Pests often feed on refuse. Get rid of your refuse faster with the press of a button.

Avoid germs: Take away the place for germs to breed on. By eliminating food waste, you can prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria, mold, and more.

Environmentally friendly: Join the “No Food Waste to Landfills” movement! We help you break down your food waste to prevent it from going into the trash.

Reduce odors: Tired of smelling decaying food? Our units destroy it, improving the smell of your home, office, restaurant, or hotel.