Your One-Stop Shop for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Welcome to Schonbach!

In 2016, our team of experts came together with one goal in mind: to transform the cleanliness industry.

With over 65 years of combined experience, our team is working tirelessly to provide top-tier products at an affordable price.

With four high-quality product lines — and flexible models that fit a wide variety of needs — we’re expanding our reach into the global market.

Our Philosophy: Industry-leading products superior to the others, at a fraction of the cost.

Quality Meets Design

All of our designs are practical, modern, and cutting-edge. Designed to adhere to modern European standards, you’ll enjoy the value, precision, and utility our products embody.

Research & Development

Encourage innovation. Excellence will follow.

Schonbach’s in-house team of engineers and experts are one of the best in the business.

Daily, they grapple with the driving forces behind our design philosophy: how to achieve user-friendliness, how to make products sophisticated and elegant, and how to strive to exceed expectations.

With a thriving workplace that fosters innovation, Schonbach is positioned to dominate the market for years to come.

We hope you will join us as we make the world a cleaner place.

Our Facilities

Schonbach is gaining traction in the global market. Drawing on the international offices in Italy, the UAE, India, and China, we have consolidated our manufacturing and assembly factories in India and China.

Our cutting-edge, technologically-driven assembly factories make use of skilled labor, state of the art machinery, and an advanced set-up for excellent products at a low, low cost.