Centralized Air Purifier

Increase your quality of life with air purification! Our 3-layer filtration system helps remove toxic gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrogen oxide, cigarette smoke, pollen, and more. You can breathe more easily with the removal of contaminants, too.

Central Vacuum SystemIn keeping with our customers’ many needs, we offer a wide variety of air purification models. Choose from wall-mounted aeration models, mounted floor units, mobile floor units, and more.

Depending on the models chosen, they can also detect carbon monoxide, or report on humidity. Taken together, these features can also help inhibit mold and bacterial growth.


Flexible Models: Find the air purifier that meets your needs with our wide range of central air purification models that suit homes, offices, and hospitals!

Advanced Features: Depending on your model, choose from features like mobility, digital readouts, carbon monoxide detection, humidity measurement, and more

Sleek, Modern Design: Don’t choose an ugly air purification model. Schonbach’s models fit in with all sorts of decorating schemes unobtrusively.

Improved Wellness: As opposed to some air purification models on the market, our models offer stronger purification measures, improved filters, aeration, and more to bring outside air inside.


Reduces illness: By cleansing the air of accumulated toxins, our air purifiers reduce the amount of cold, flu, and viruses that cycle through the air. People who live or work on the premises can be healthier.

Reduces allergies: By physically filtering out common allergens (like pollen, pet hair, and dander), people can experience fewer interruptions from sneezing and coughing, and can breathe deep.

Shut out external pollution: Using filters and advanced aeration, you can maintain a safe haven to breathe, regardless of where you live.