Central Vacuum System

Clean your home, office, or business with a central vacuuming system! Offering a variety of models that meet your needs, our centralized vacuums help you remove dirt and debris from anywhere.

Central Vacuum SystemSchonbach makes use of your building’s layout for maximum efficiency. With the installation of a connected series of pipes in the walls of your home, building, or office, dust and debris can be transported from any location in the building to a centralized catching unit.

With a low-maintenance filter, Schonbach provides lasting value and convenience, getting rid of unwieldy smaller vacuum units and endless dust emptying.


Noise: Traditional vacuums are known for being so loud that you can’t focus. Centralized vacuums are quieter, making them ideal for non-disruptive cleaning in hospitals, nursing homes, and crowded living areas.

Cleaner building environment: Our state-of-the-art suction allows deeper cleanliness by removing more hair, dirt, and debris than other solutions. And, instead of dumping the same pollutants back into your house, our units remove them to the outside, promoting a cleaner building.

Mobility: Reach every part of the building with our centralized vacuum solutions. Centralized vacuum units make it easier to move the vacuum around, ensuring that more areas get cleaned - even in remote areas of the building!

Better Monetary Value: While the outlay of a centralized vacuum might seem like a lot at first, the system pays for itself over the lifespan of the building. There is no need to replace devices or spend more on expensive filters.


Going Green: Our vacuum cleaners are eco-friendly. The latest technology means that our vacuums have low emission rates, so they don’t cause and create allergies. Also, our eco-friendly construction saves on expensive vacuum manufacturing, waste bag disposal, and more.

Ease of use: Our vacuum cleaners are easy to use and empty. Just a snap of your fingers over the lid is enough to dispose of the dirt accumulated in it over time. Compare this to complicated unlatching and dumping of other vacuum chambers, and you can see how much easier it is.

More suction: As far as vacuum cleaners go, more suction power means more effective cleaning, and this is exactly what we offer our clients. Our level of suction ensures smooth and easy cleaning experience in every home or office where used.

Save money: Traditional vacuums are expensive. Centralized vacuums offer extended value over the life of a building.