It is cleaner, more cost effective over the lifespan of the building, more effective, and more mobile.

It is more hygienic, quieter to use, and more safe and durable.

Instead of requiring that you empty the debris into your home, our system safely and effectively vents it outside.

The vacuum outlets are low voltage, and don't require the insertion of an electric cord, meaning that they are safer for children.

Absolutely! The vacuum is a great way to update a building. Instructions for installation are included with every package.

Yes, it can! It can also be used to vacuum up larger debris, clean the ashes off of fireplaces, and more!

It goes into a special dust collection bag, which is then emptied into the container and vented to the outside.

Purchase it from our accredited agents or online here!

The units are guaranteed for 2 years as long as you comply with the guidelines of returning it within 30 days of purchase.