CabinateGet additional power and flexibility with the Cabinate air purifier! This intelligent addition to the air purification line offers up the most versatility and options. A multi-installation unit, in addition to purifying air, the Cabinate offers simple carbon dioxide monitoring, indoor/outdoor temperature display, and humidity measurement. Allow it to respond to air conditions, or have a human intervene in its settings - either way, the Cabinate offers up a wealth of ways to improve your air quality.

In the haze removal ability Cabinate has a primary and secondary filter with heat exchanger and H13 Efficient HEPA Filter which effectively improve the PM 2.5 removal ability, for which the haze removal rate can reach 99.9%. A filter to be changed reminder will be sent through WeChat control terminal on the remote screen.

The main design allows dual fan to start the new wind mode and off the air supply fan start exhaust mode. Cabinate in the aspect of safety for the optimization, inside the fuselage It is using high package design, to prevent direct contact with electro mechanical components; to prevent the illegal operation.

Technical Details

Type Cabinate 360 Cabinate 600
Motor EC EC


220V 220V


60W 160W

Max Airflow(m3/h)

380 600

RPM (min-1) I U/min

0-1100 0-1100

3m Nosie(dB(A))

0-35 0-36


<90% <90%

Size of hole (mm)

Ø 110 Ø110