Design inlets are the result of a project that has been developed entirely by Schonbach: it developed a product with impeccable design, with high stress resistance, absolutely identical to the domestic series used for electrical installations.

Schonbach vacuum inlets are available in different models, according to their use, and are able to satisfy different requirements: from domestic use, where aesthetics is the most important feature, to the professional area, that requires strength and functionality before design.


1 - Ergonomic opening, perfect fit

The ergonomic flap door has been designed to minimize stress during the vacuum inletopening, which occurs with natural motion and without force.The door spring and the new seal allow firm closing, ensuring the airtight element of thesystem, both when it is switched off, and when another vacuum inlet is used.

2 - Exceptional rigidity

The screws that fix the vacuum inlet body to the frame support are extremely strong and the vacuum inlet can withstand the stress caused by the insertion and disconnection of the hose used for the cleaning operations.

3 - Easy to install

Design inlet has been designed to be easily installed: the coupling of the vacuum inlet with the backplate has a double location for the seal in order to move it and obtain the perfect fit, even when the backplate is not installed flush with the wall and it is necessary to use the specific extension kits.Even the electrical connection to the central vacuum unit micro-switch is very easy, thanks to the connecting clamps.

4 - Technical quality

The materials used for production and assembly add total quality to Schonbach vacuum inlets, that will remain unchanged over time.

Vacpan Inlet

Schonbach vacuum inlets are suitable to be installed in kitchen baseboards (see image below).Turning the system on and off occurs by means of a pedal placed on the frontal part of the inlet. Thanks to built-in backplate you can install the Vacpan vacuum inlets also in the walls.

Schonbach Vacpan vacuum inlets have been designed to be directly installed in kitchen baseboards. During installation it is necessary to bring the pipe network and the micro line near the inlet installation site.

Schonbach Vacpan vacuum inlets are very easy to install. In fact, they come complete with a flexible connection that connects to the pipe network Ø 50 at one end by gluing (with the same glue used for rigid pipes) while the other end has an integrated 90 0 elbow that fits into the Vacpan inlet (not to glue, it facilitates disassembly in case of inspections behind the baseboard where the inlet has been fixed).