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Focus on Innovative Customer Solutions

Advancement is at the core of our business. Our comprehension of our clients' organizations and the efficiency challenges that they face empowers us to upgrade our contribution to them, regardless of whether that includes the stockpile of improved hardware or a bundled arrangement including the arrangement of administrations and related exercises. Understanding and tending to these profitability moves empower us to fortify client unwaveringness and increment both our deals to clients and the profits we procure on those deals

Increase our Presence in Strategic Market Globally

We assemble leadership positions in alluring niche markets where we accept there are open doors for innovation drove efficiency upgrade. These business sectors at present incorporate portions inside the medical care, cleaning, energy, fundamental materials, and innovation areas, yet we additionally review and effectively seek after circumstances in new business sectors.

Expand Business Globally

Because of a client base that is broadening its worldwide tasks and turning out to be progressively complex we try to extend our business internationally, with specific accentuation on business sectors, for example, Middle East , Africa and Far East

Accelerate Operational Excellence

We make progress toward ceaseless improvement in all parts of our business tasks, both to upgrade client experience and to create effectiveness and efficiency gains. We do this through a scope of activities, remembering upgrades for conveyance execution, administration responsiveness and speed-to-market of innovations, process efficiencies and improvements to supply chain management by outsourcing non-critical exercises. Furthermore, we try to improve performance and profitability by driving synergistic open doors inside and between our operating businesses and across the Group in general.

Our values and what they mean to us underpin the way we work, guide our decision-making and shape our culture. Our values are as follows

Absolute integrity

Integrity, for us Schonbach is commitment as bright as day light. We adhere to humanistic values of promise, honesty, and transparency. We would love to be known for our just and fair deals. Our products, such as the sound dampening debris chutes or domestic economy model central vacuum systems are synonymous with the names itself. We are here to treat all our stakeholders with respect and dignity.


Challenging our people to grow and reach their highest potential individually and collectively. Trusting our people to take personal ownership and accountability and learn from their experience customer focus. Partnering with our customers to enhance their productivity and performance. Listening to customer challenges and actively anticipating their future requirements. Delivering on our commitments to meet customer needs

Restless innovation

We innovate as though tomorrow is not ours. Today’s need has to be fulfilled in a span as short as wink of an eye, for technology may get obsolete and a better product would have quietly entered the rush. Relentless innovation that leads to improved products and maximum benefits. We at Schonbach is ever ready to challenge the current status quo. Our relentlessness gives us a high powered leadership.

Delivering strong and sustainable value for our shareholders. We perform to the peak standards against allegiances we make internally to each other and externally to clients. Developing resilient merchandise that are best in class. Acting swiftly with uncompromising quality and safety of the environment and our integrity.

# Industry-leading products superior to the others, at a fraction of the cost